Meridian Route 7

Meridian Route 7


Tourist Points of Interest in Pamplona - Navarra.

old town

Walking through the Old Town is amazing, its modern architecture, its countless stories, its narrow streets give the impression of a large labyrinth, surrounded by bars and small squares, which are the meeting point and gathering of the people of Pamplona.

Pamplona Cathedral

The Cathedral of Gothic architecture, it is impressive to see the Cloister, one of the largest and most beautiful in Spain. As well as the tombs of the Navarrese Kings.

Castle plaza

The Plaza del Castillo is always a good place to walk and, above all, eat or drink a soft drink or ice cream and have a social life.

Monuments to the “San Fermín” bull runs

The monument is a great Work of Art, every detail, both of the Bulls and the runners, is impressive. Every time I visit this place, my mind projects a Running of the Bulls. I admire the skill and bravery of the participants.

The walls

The Medieval Walls always invite you to enjoy a long walk along the edge of the old part of the City.

Yamaguchi Park

This Park is very beautiful, if you imagine it, it is like being in Japan. It has a small waterfall that is very relaxing, the grass is very well maintained and you can have a picnic.